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Rai, H. (2005)

The Emerging World Trade Regime, Social Clause and Implications for Employee Relations Management. In Chawla, K.N., (Eds.),Enhancing Global Business Competitiveness, Delhi: Wisdom Publications. 160-175. Read More »

Watch Full Movie Online And Download iBoy (2017)

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6 Responses to “Watch Full Movie Online And Download iBoy (2017)”

  1. Dear Sir,

    Greetings! Your profile page on IIML says that your research areas are – i) Management and Religion
    ii) Spirituality Influence Tactics. In one line can you tell me what are these fields

    thanks and looking forward to meet you in person third term of IPMX07.


    • HimanshuRai says:

      Management and Religion refers to the impact of religion on management ideologies, business styles, attitudes towards gender etc.
      Spirituality and Influence Tactics are two separate topics! I have defined spirituality and designed a scale to measure it in my latest published paper. Influence tactics are methods of influencing people directed horizontally, upward or downward.

      • Thanks for the reply sir!

        Any comments on Ancient Indian Spiritual texts (such as The Geeta on, management styles of current days (I hope the question is pertinent)

        Also, can I access your paper on Measure of Spirituality.

        As for Influence Tactics, I think that will be covered in your elective of SBN!

        best regards,

        • HimanshuRai says:

          I would be covering the learnings from Mahabharata too in my Negotiation class. You can access my paper on Spirituality by going to the site of International Journal of Indian Culture and Business Management.

  2. Prakash says:

    Respected Sir,
    I have attended a lecture delivered by you in one of the MDP program in which you very briefly touched upon the topic of “ethics”. You gave three test for ethical work, one was that one should not feel ashamed to do it, but the other two I don’t remember kindly educate me on this.

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