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Motivation Speaker

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  1. Hi Prof Himanshu.

    I would be delighted to attend one of your Seminars / Sessions focussing on Motivation ,Spiritualism and Yoga , Stress Busters

  2. Dear Prof. Himanshu

    i am a student and i am following u for past some days n believe me i had become a fan of ur speech and way of thinking.

    I have also counselled & motivated my friends n family members through my speech but had never thought of choosing it as a career but you had inspired me for this.

    Sir, i would be highly obliged if i get a chance to be a part of your team & for that i would like to know if this can be possible or not.

    Thank You

  3. Sir,

    I am assistant professor in an engineering college since 13 years. I feel myself very good in making public speaking as an career. How to start ?

    1. As mentioned elsewhere on my website, Motivation has three elements: Direction, Intensity and Persistence. It is the lack of direction that most people grapple with. You could start by picking up a target group, figuring out what direction they need to be influenced towards and start. For instance you could start with senior students in a school and motivate them towards pursuing their own dreams rather than following others. Should you want any openings, email me your CV and I will try to help.

      1. Namaskara Sir ,
        I wanted to know about Internship Opportunities at IIM Indore as a Cloud and Data Scientist.

  4. Hi Himanshu,
    I just started up a website on motivation.
    My intention is to boost people’s morale with help of different motivational speakers blogs, videos, therapy.
    Also, I will be adding time lines on workshop of speakers.

    I would like to add your thoughts on how to motivate people to realize their true calling and nurture their true talent/power.

    I can add your workshop details as well.

    The site is just released with no content, it is plain wordpress content at the moment.

    Best Regards

    Divyesh Vasani

  5. Hello Prof. Himanshu,

    I want to start my career in this field but do not have any clue from where to start. I am not directionless because I know that my audience group will be school going students but I need some one to guide me.

    Best Regards

    Manjulika Rai

  6. my sister and i had conducted one workshop on motivation..i want to continue in this field..but all tel it doesnot provide regular income..have some financial problems so money is also important for me..can you plz tel me how motivational speakers can have regular income???plz do rply

  7. Dear Sir,

    I have made some mistakes in my life and as a result I have lost my friends, family and well wishes. I lack in motivation and direction. I want to restart my life all over again but don’t know how to and from where to begin. I need a guide and a motivate action. If you have any advice please let me know. Thanks

    1. We all mistakes in life. You need to put them behind you, learn from them, and move on. Apologize to all those who you have heart, and mean it. I am sure they will all have it in them to forgive you when they see the sincerity behind your sentiments. Let me know if I could be of help in something specific.

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