Dr. Himanshu Rai conducts following training programs in India and abroad:

Negotiation Skills

All of us face situations wherein negotiations are called for, be it personal relationships, business deals, or sometimes purely to avoid getting into a full-fledged conflict. In fact, negotiations are a backbone of any type of communication in just about every relationship. Yet, it is difficult to negotiate well consistently through all situations.

Fact is, nobody is a born negotiator. And, for those whose careers depend on their ability to negotiate, or those who are vying leadership positions, the good news is that negotiation can be studied as a science, and negotiation skills can be honed as a talent.

Prof. Himanshu Rai is credited with developing a standardised scale to measure negotiation ability, the only such scale developed in the world, using it to evaluate participants' ability to negotiate. This highlights areas that need improvement in order to help them negotiate better.

Further on, this training helps participants analyse their past experiences with negotiations, and better understand their own approach to conflicts. Training is imparted through the use of role-plays and a solid grounding in relevant research and theories.

Leadership Development

Leadership roles are the most sought-after among senior-level executives, not to mention all those who aspire to make it big in any field with a large people component'. Research has established that leadership can be inculcated through certain training interventions. It is a common mistake to confuse leadership with management. When management fails to deliver, it is a responsible leader who can turn the tide.

Leadership is about vision, about charting out a course where no path is visible, it's about taking decisions not to please everyone but to make sure that essential objectives are achieved to the benefit of everyone; it is about knowing where to let go of control and empower people to do their job however they want it. As more and more businesses grow to prefer a flatter' organizational structure over a hierarchical one, CEO and senior managers are called upon to fulfill the role of a leader, drawing on something beyond their managerial potential.

Leaders come in various hues and thus, it's important to help such aspirants see and understand how a leadership outlook can change the way they look at the situations they face at work. Leadership training helps participants frame their own vision, analyse various leadership strategies, and zero in on what would be the right approach to fulfill their vision.

Communication for Leaders

One of the tools most necessary to a leader to get his message across is communication – the key to transformational leadership. This training programme focuses on people who have to fulfill leadership roles in their organisations, or are acting as mentors themselves in various situations.

The programme helps participants sharpen their communication edge by showing them various nuances of interpersonal communication, both verbal and non-verbal. The aim is to help them understand how group dynamics work, how to help others connect with their vision and how to persuade others. It strives to hone the cognitive and analytical abilities of the participants and teaches them how to employ communication tools to lead and transform others.

Cross-cultural Training for Managers

Indian organisations are more inter-regional today than business organisations the world over are cosmopolitan. And, as one of the few steadily growing economies of the world, Western interest in the Indian marketplace has been looking up. With this, Indian diversity and foreign interest – be it individual ventures or multinational companies – are at a very interesting stage of development.

While this diversity brings a lot to the table in terms of perspectives, richness and experience, it also includes ambiguities, differences in viewpoints, inability to grasp certain ideas due to cultural redundancies or alienation, or even contribute to failure of communication strategies.

Thus, we have cross-cultural training programme for managers – be they foreign nationals in managerial positions in India or those who find themselves at the head of a culturally diverse group, seeking to understand how to harness cultural subtleties to achieve their goals.

This programme prepares the participants to recognize the cultural differences and improve their intercultural sensitivity. The principal focus is on four main types of cultural differences: contextual, ethical, social and non-verbal. The programme seeks to culturally sensitize participants by breaking through ethnocentric tendencies and by motivating them to overcome language barriers.

Strategic Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management is a strategic tool with managers and leaders, the effective utilization of which can lead to transformational changes in organizations. To be efficient and effective, the strategies of HRM have to be well aligned with the organizational strategy. This programme helps participants create a source of sustainable competitive advantage in organizations through creation, development, and retention of Strategic Human Resources.

The programme specifically addresses the issues of aligning the organizational strategy with Human Resource Management policies, while also sensitizing the participants to the nuances of Hiring, Training & Development, Performance Management, Team Building, Leadership, and Motivation through Employee Engagement in the context of Strategic Human Resource Management.

Stress Management

In the present day and age stress has become everybody's pet peeve: be it doctors, teachers, academics, and managers too, everybody is trying to find a way to work it off. It is not only consuming hard-core professionals but also students, children and even homemakers. We may resort to simplifications such as stress kills' but that won't make the issues go away.

Stress management is as much an issue as is financial management or human resource management since stress threatens every aspect of our lives. Stress manifests itself in the form of tension, frustration, anxiety and worry, clouding people's ability to work, function efficiently and to be happy. A stressed out workforce is hazardous to the health of an organisation.

Being concerned about one's responsibilities and being driven with regard to one's goals and ambitions is one thing; being tense, unhappy, and unable to celebrate one's achievements is quite another. The sources of stress usually are: the distance between our aspirations and our achievements, or our inability to cope with demands made at workplace, or a perceived inadequacy in dealing with various situations as a consequence of some personality issues

Stress management workshop helps participants become aware of stress triggers affecting them, helping them to feel and exercise a greater control over their feelings and reactions. They are given tools that help them identify stressful situations and employ a problem-solving approach in dealing with them.

Advanced Research Methodology in Management

The objective of this program is to provide the participants with an in-depth understanding of the various methods of conducting research in management areas. Specifically speaking, the program attempts to hone their ability to define research problems, create and evaluate the appropriate research designs, critically evaluate and interpret information and considerations that enter every step of the research process, derive conclusions and interpretations, and write research proposals and reports.

The participants are introduced to various scientific approaches to research, and they learn how to build and/or test theory/framework, how to deal with measurement issues, determination of appropriate research design, the nuances of Survey Research, Experimental Research, and Qualitative Research, the skills needed for data analysis and interpretation, the skills for writing research reports and proposals, and a discussion on issues in current research practice.

30 thoughts on “Training

  1. Would like to enrol in your Leadership Development Program. Please do give me more details of this course. Also, please do let me know if you provide a certificate for this course?



  2. Hello sir, i will just be passing from class 12th this month. Can i also be a part of such training?

    I live in kanpur. Would love to learn something from you sir.


    1. I am afraid you cannot be a part of this training for it is meant only for working managers at a certain level. I would, however, be glad to answer any queries on this subject should you have them.

  3. Would like to enroll in your leadership and communication training sessions. Can you please let me know the schedule of your upcoming training sessions on Leadership and Communication. Please also share any other information which you feel is essential for the training.



      1. Thanks for sharing the information. I look forward to join your program.

        May i request you to let me know a reliable ‘leadership skills’ measurement tool. I require it to identify better leaders in a batch of undergraduate students I am training for aptitude (english, quant and reasoning) skills enhancement. The idea is to divide the whole batch into smaller groups and to implant a leader in each group. The leader will in turn monitor, guide and motivate her/his team to complete the assigned tasks on time and grow along with her/him. I have done an initial assessment of their aptitude skills and grouped them into Q1,Q2,Q3 and Q4 (Q4 being the top 25% students). Now i need to select the leaders from Q3 and Q4. Please help with the measurement tool.


  4. Dear Sir,

    I hope you are doing well.

    I will soon be moving to the role of EA to the CEO of a large infrastructure company. I have been given to understand that the role would require to assist the CEO in general management of the business – defining and tracking performance parameters, coordinate with various functional heads, advising on new projects and various organisational matters.

    I also understand that I would be required to work closely with various senior colleagues (senior in age as well as in rank) while ensuring that they deliver the tasks asigned by the CEO. I believe all this would require, apart from other skills, a decent proficiency in ‘diplomacy’. Can you please help in developing this skill. It would be a great help if you can suggest some literature. Any other area which i should work, I have almost 60 days to take on the new role.

    Thanks and regards

    Ankush Lal

  5. Would like to enroll in one of your training sessions regarding leadership. Please do let me know of your upcoming session. Regards.

  6. Hello,

    I am also in the same profile i.e. EA to Chairman. I request you to please share the material with me as well.


    Vinay Ganeriwal

  7. Dear Sir,

    I am a fourth semester M.A.( Psychology) student from Banasthali University, Rajasthan. I am basically from Lucknow.

    I have a keen interest in Organizatinal Behavior. I am still working on my dissertation on a topic of OB; its synopsis has been submitted.

    Further i would like to do some research work in the same area.I wanted to know if you could guide me and what are the qualifications for it.

    Thank you.

  8. Dear Sir,

    I would like to enroll for your course on Negotiation Skills course.

    Can you provide the schedule for upcoming course and also the venue.


  9. Hi Himanshu,

    I had attended an MDP programme at IIML in June this year. This does not relate to the programme per se, but I was hoping to get some guidance / help from you.

    I have 14 years of work experience. 3 years with a Tata group company and then 11 years in the banking industry. I am looking to make a huge switch in my career path – from Private Banking to corporate training (possibly in a freelance capacity). While I have no qualifications in the training field, I do believe my years of experience in the corporate world coupled with my strong belief and practical experience in the areas I intend to train in should carry me through.

    The areas I would like to concentrate on is the importance of the following in todays corporate world:
    >right brain thinking
    >work life balance
    >physical fitness and wellbeing

    Its probably a long shot, but if there is any guidance you can give me on how to pursue this dream, I’d be grateful. And if we can chat on this and I can share my views / thoughts with you, even better.


  10. Hi Himanshu

    I saw advertisement in ET on last Wednesday about leadership training in November. I tried to get some more details from official email address but did not get any response. Can you please get me some details on the training so that I can work with my organization to plan that for my team.



    1. It is certainly possible, and if you have the passion for it, all you need is a bit of guidance on the relevant training tools. I have emailed you separately on this.

  11. Sir,

    I have just attended your programme on Leadership Development; can I get MDP programme for next year?


    Girish Bhatt

  12. Do you also conduct training sessions on ‘persuasion’?

    If yes, kindly share the details for the next session.

    Otherwise, please recommend a good trainer for the same

    1. I conduct an MDP on “Communication for Leaders” and that includes sessions on Persuasion. The next one is scheduled from March 6 to March 8, 2014; you may want to register for it.

  13. Dear Sir,

    I attended your two day session at Jaipur. It was really a great experience. Your training methodology and content were superb. Your command over language is commendable. Would surely like to attend other programmes, pls do provide the schedule.

  14. Dear Sir,

    Greetings. Yesterday on 13th March, while speaking on Competitive Identity, you mentioned about “Go Grober’s model”- the hexagon. I am unable to find it in net. Could you guide me with some reference where I can learn little more about Competitive Identity?

    With regards,

    Utpal Baruah

  15. Hi Himanshu, I’m reaching out to you for a training requirement on Hostage Negotiation for one of our client. Please connect and drop your profile and phone number to discuss this further. I’m Anumeha from Timespro.

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