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    1. You can download some of the papers through the databases, which would show up if you do a Google search. Should you want a specific paper, let me know and I will email it to you.

  1. sir

    can i have access of this paper ” Hinduism, Business and Ethics. Proceedings of 2004 International and Ecumenical Conference of the Institute for Ethics and Spirituality in Business, New Orleans, US”.

  2. Sir,
    Request to send me a paper on
    ” factors affecting promotion on Age, Gender and mentorship ; journal of management : 2008
    Rachna singh

  3. Hi sir , Can you please share this paper.
    Rai, H (2015). Education & Skill Development: Creating an Employable Workforce. CFO Insights, 6, 38-39.
    Rai, H (2011). Leadership through Literature. Good to Great: Ideas, Imagination & Innovation, LBSNAA. 25-29.
    Saxena, N & Rai, H (2016). Correlations and organisational effects of compensation and benefits, job satisfaction, career satisfaction and job stress in public and private hospitals in Lucknow, India. Asia Pacific Journal of Health Management, 11(2), 65-74
    (Rai, H aand Wadhwa, C (2008). Effect of Employer Branding on Recruitment Communication Media: Perception of Graduating Students. Pratibimba, 8(2), 45-53.

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