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Cheshire Cat

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54 Responses to “Cheshire Cat”

  1. Dear Sir,

    We read and hear many stories of scientists and successful persons, who in the initial days were aimless and wanderers, they explored things tried to do some then left again picked one and then left and then accidentally they discovered which changed history.
    Einstein is one such person, who didn’t decided anything till his college time and then turned into a wizard of discoveries.
    If we look present scenario the goal of kids ( from KG to end of school) are either decided by parents or they are forced to select particular direction of their voyage due to social pressure and end up doing something else so as to say socially well settled person, they never realize what they were supposed to do or in which field they could have been excelled.

    So, according to you what is goal? When a person is not aware of number 11 in which he can excel but his limitations showing numbers upto 5, so he has to select from the available options, do we call this a goal of that person??
    Well I am still confused how a person can choose a goal without exploring all the available options..!!!!

  2. Jagadeesh Kumar.V says:

    “The not-so-obvious message is that in the absence of a goal, even though we may achieve something in life, it would turn out to be meaningless when we realise that it was not in line with our goals.”

    Dear Sir, Isn’t there a contradiction in the above lines, when it is said that in the absence of a goal(that is no goal), how can we realise that it is not in line with our goals?

    Impressive writing and nice sketch.

  3. Sri Harish Dasa says:

    Dear Sir,

    Your message on the importance of goals is truly inspiring.I believe that everyone of us falters in time at one point or the other and at that point of time it would help if we look at the message given by you.And I believe that we should always remember what Henry Ford once said –“Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.”

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